Don Braisby - 2014 - U.K.

The artist Don Braisby is an example of vitality and passion for experimenting with electro-etching. He has been, for some time, very interested in

electro-etching aluminium plates using a salt electrolyte in a safer way. In fact, Don contacted me via email when we were translating and preparing

the English publication of my the Electro-etching handbook, his comments encouraged me to continue researching electro-etch on aluminium plates.

During Don’s stay he electro-etched copper plates and tried galvanography. He has been very interested in experimenting and learning more about

etching by electrolysis than to make definite artworks. I also had the opportunity to test his experiments on electro-etching aluminum plates with a

saline bridge. I wish his practice in the electro-etching workshop will become useful in his future experiences.

Pictures from the workshop

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Don Braisby Speaks about his Residency

From acquaintance to student to mentor to friend, all in the space of seven days. A residential with Alfonso Crujera. Alfonso is a patient teacher and he and his wife Amparo are warm hosts. The residency offer a comfortable self catering apartment that also holds a well stocked library of art books. The large, spacious, studio is equipped with everything required for Alfonso to run residencies for beginners to master printmakers and is available to the residency 24hrs a day. He is responsive to the needs to the residents. I have really enjoyed my time here and have learned a great deal from him and really respect his ability to recognise when I needed support and tuition and when to back off.

Don Braisby's etchings


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