Resident Artists  2019 - 2018

Artists in residence in 2019

• May, Nick Christie. Visual artist, printmaker, UK, 

• June, Malgorzata Oakes. Visual artist, printmaker, USA/Poland.

• October, Jack Lanagan Dunbar. Multidisciplinary artist, Australia.

• November, Ana Fernández. Visual artist, printmaker, USA/Spain.

Artists in residence with the grant in 2019

• July, Kristina Key. Visual artist, printmaker. USA.

• August, Carissa Kalia HeinrichsVisual artist, printmaker. USA.

Malgorzata Oakes - June 2019 - Poland / USA

Malgorzata Oakes is a Polish artist who lives and works in the USA. She is an Adjunct Professor at SUNY* New Paltz, teaching printmaking techniques and full time Instructional Support Technician, and an Assistant Professor at SUNY* Orange teaching basic of drawing and painting, and advanced drawing classes.

Nick Christie - May 2019 - England

Nick Christie is the first artist to attend our residence this year. Nick is from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. He graduated from Northumbria University with a BA Fine Art Degree with Honours in 2011. He founded Incubate in 2017 a print workshop in Newcastle, where he teaches courses and makes editions for an art gallery. …

Pablo Delfini - November 2018 - Argentina

For a fortnight this November, we had the privilege of receiving the artist Pablo Delfini, professor of etching and visual investigation at the University of the Museo Social Argentino (UMSA) Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2016, Pablo Delfini was awarded the Gran Premio de Honor del Salón Nacional de Grabado de Argentina, the maximum distinction for etching in his country. …

Bonnie Star Marsh - September 2018 - Hawaii - USA

Gratefulness and admiration is what I feel towards the artists who visit me in my studio in Gran Canaria to learn or improve the processes of electro-etching. Especially since they usually come from countries that are quite far from the Canary Islands. But you can imagine how I felt when I received an email in April of this year by Bonnie Star Marsh from Hawaii to attend my classes in September. …

Diego Vergara Mesa - August 2018 - Colombia / USA

Diego Vergara Mesa, Bogotá, Colombia (1994). Diego has lived in North Carolina, USA since 2003. He is the second artist to receive the grant to attend the electro-etching workshop-residence in Gran Canaria this year, and the youngest artist ever (23) to have received training in these techniques in my studio.

Anna Ólafsson - July 2018 - Iceland / Scotland (UK)

Anna Ólafsson is an artist with a dual nationality, British and Icelandic. She is the first of the two young artists under thirty who will attend the residence this year and who will receive free residency assistance, although for her training in electro-etching she received extra funding from The Hope Scott Trust, Murray Beith Murray Solicitors, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Helen Tago - June 2018 - Estonia

Surprise and admiration is what I felt when the artist Helen Tago decided to come from Tallin (Estonia) to my studio to attend my electrolytic engraving classes. Helen Tago is an artist, designer, printmaker and etching teacher at studio. Surprise because I had never considered that in Eastern Europe they were interested in my experiences in electro-etching. …

Jessie Hornbrook - May 2018 - USA

5 Ella Paraguas

Jessie Hornbrook is an Assistant Professor of Art and Printmaking at the Department of Art in the University of Central Arkansas. Conway, AR, USA. She got in touch with the workshop in August 2017 to show her keen interest in attending as a resident artist to learn the processes of electro-etching, given its advantages as a safer and more environmentally-friendly etching process. …

Rafael Álvarez - March 2018 - Argentina

05 ST

Over the years, many artists from Argentina have shown interest in attending our electro-etching program, but Rafael Álvarez was the first to manage to secure a place. For that, I congratulate him. It was also tremendously lucky for me to run into this professor of physics at the National Technological University in BA and the University of Buenos Aires, also professor in Jewellery at the Municipal Institute of Ceramics of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires. …

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